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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scrapbook Tools are very universal!!

So last night I was curious as to where my husband had run off to. I walk upstairs and imagine my surprise when I see Chad in my craft room! He is sitting at my craft table and using my paper trimmer!

My first thought was "Ha, bet he won't complain about my hobby anymore!" and the second thought was "Oh crud! What is he cutting? Is it going to dull my blade?" Then he got all excited when he asked if I had a hole punch and I started to pull out all these circle punches. I mean he literally was like "Oh yeah! That will work!" It didn't but still I was a bit floored by the whole situation.

I knew I should have taken a picture! Just to curb your curiosity, he was cutting something for some project he was working on out in the garage (aka hot rod projects)

But scrapbook tools are very universal. And garage tools make good scrapbook tools! I don't know if Chad knows this but I stole a pair of his pliers quite a while ago to use when cutting/bending my wire! And up until he bought me my own heat gun I used his (and mine is bright orange from Harbor Freight...not Michaels!)

It's a hobby the whole family can benefit from!!

What household item do you use in your scrapbooking???


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