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Thursday, September 11, 2008

When children get quiet....

So about two weeks ago I finally took out this card kit that I bought last year. As I mentioned in a previous post I have an addiction. I buy scrapbook supplies but never use them! Hence the reason I have not used this card kit in a year! But I decided I had better crack it open.

So the kit comes with a stamp set, extra paper to stamp, sand, distress and so I did it. Once I had all of my pieces ready I began to assemble the cards. Well now is probably a good time to mention that my daughter is quite artsy as well. And especially when she sees mommy doing her scrapbooking. So she wanted to help me make a card. A card!!

Well a while later I realized it was pretty quiet. And as any of you who are parents know...when kids get quiet it is not good! So I walked in to the dining room where all of my items were and there is Shelby....using all of my stamped/distressed paper and making her own cards!

Part of me wanted to yell at her and get after her for using mommy's stuff. But then there was that part of me that did not want to curb her artistic creations.

Then I thought back to my addiction and of all the hoards and hoards of bling, paper and ribbon I have stashed in to my craft room and thought how I can always find more paper or ribbon to finish making my cards!

And here are the prize winning cards that my talented daughter made! This Scrapbook Mama cannot be any prouder!!


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