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Saturday, February 7, 2009

A "Tin"y Album

So, Chad sends me a text today and says "Need to pick up gift card for sis". His sister turns the big 3-0 on Monday and we went over to his parents tonight for her birthday celebration. And yes...we had not gotten a gift until today. So we talk briefly to decide where to get the gift card. Finally I just stopped at Safeway and decided a Visa gift card would be good because then she can use it anywhere.

While I am at Safeway (and dealing with a whiny daughter that also wants a gift card) I see these cute little display boxes for the gift cards. And being the scrapbooker I am, I was like "Ooh, I have a tin at home! I can do that!"

So I came home and within about an hour I made this cute "tin"y album that I stuck the gift card in! Now I know it's not nice of me to use CTMH paper that is not available any longer (hey, you could have bought it last month when it was the special!) but it was the only paper packet where I actually had full pieces of paper and not scraps!

This was really easy to make. You just cut the card stock to fit the opening (actually a tiny bit smaller so that the paper sits in there well). I did have to piece together some cardstock so it would be long enough but if you were using a small tin a regular 12 X 12 sheet of paper would work fine. This was a 5X7 tin. So I cut the paper about 6 3/4 and then scored it every 5 inches. Then I covered the cardstock with the patterned paper.

These were so easy and so much fun that I think I will have to go find some more tins!!!


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