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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Will you be my valentine?

As I mentioned I am in love with all the new product from CTMH for Spring! Here is another new stamp set. This is part of the Ms. series. There is Ms. Gardener, Ms. On the Go and Ms. Sweetheart.

This is from the Ms. Sweetheart stamp set. I do a card swap with my friend each month and with Valentine's Day approaching I thought that one of the cards I would make would be one she could give to her fiance. And since I know men aren't too thrilled about pinks and purples and the usual V-Day colors I went with some colors from the new paper packet "That's Amore" which has a green color in it.

What I love most about these Ms. sets is that I can coordinate them to match whoever I am giving the card too. In this case my friend has dark hair so I made the Ms. to have dark hair as well!


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