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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have ventured in to my craft room....

....and actually accomplished something! Not much mind you but it takes me SO long to really get in to the swing of things.

Anyway, I have two things that I am working on. Well three but the purse I showed you in the last post! Right now I am working on two cards for a card swap and I am working on a baby shower invite for a friends baby shower that I am hosting. So far I have completed the idea for one card for the swap and the baby shower invite.

So the first card I have created for the swap is a holiday card. I used one of the new paper packets - Evensong - and used the Center Square card template from the Originals book. For the poinsettia I used the stamp set Brushstroke Flowers and used Playful Flourishes for the stem. I have used these stamp sets for so many different items! They are so versatile!

The second card I did was for my friends baby shower. With all the stamp sets I have you would think I would have more for making invites but you know what???? I don't! Oh sure, I have everything else under the sun! Anyway, on this card I used paper from the packet Rough and Tumble. For the dump truck I used the stamp set Little Builder. I was looking for a fire engine as the baby daddy is a firefighter but no such luck! For this one I also used a template from the Originals book. The template I used was Heirloom Oval.

I think now though I have an injury from my scrapbooking! My right wrist is killing me! Oh, the risks we take when scrapbooking!


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