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Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Ya Bean?

Okay,first off....this card has NO CTMH product on it AT all. I know, I know...I am sure you are just appalled as usually I never have any item that doesn't have at least one product that is CTMH but as I have stated before, I am not a CTMH snob. Yes, I do prefer CTMH but really I will use any thing I can get my ink-stained, gluey fingers on!

So, yesterday I participated in the NW Paper Chase with my Scrap Pack girls. We went to 7 or 8 local scrapbook stores. I found this cute stamp (How ya Bean) and then found a stamp with two ladies drinking coffee at the second to last store that we went to. At that point I started creating the card in my head (especially because I do owe my friend 3 cards for our monthly card swap!) with these two stamps! I was also hunting down a Starbucks like coffee cup but could not find a stamp like that at all yesterday. It is probably a good thing because I have one already at home.

Both of these stamp sets are on the old fashioned wood blocks (you know...back from the olden days). I do have to pimp CTMH here and say that I do prefer the acrylic stamp sets. I just didn't feel that I had as much control when I was stamping the image and it really bothered me that I could not see what I was stamping!

Now...the only drawback to this photoshoot was that coffee is quite messy! But...I just had to bling it up a bit! I can't help it! I am a scrapbooker!