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Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's No Joke - Lots of great deals and discounts are coming in April!

Believe me, this is not an April Fool's joke. April is a great month for saving on CTMH products and getting some great deals!

First off you must go check out my website for the wonderful discounted items that are available. Ribbon, Rub Ons, bling...up to 70% regular price!

While you are at it, between now and April 30th you can purchase a wonderful stamp and all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross efforts in Japan. The A size stamp is only $5 (retail value of $7.95) and is the perfect addition to your stamp collection!

But wait, I am not done yet! In April Studio J members will get one FREE packet each of the clear Sparkles and Opaques Pearl gems for every 10 custom made layouts purchased in a single order.

Hold on, there is more!! Place a $100 web order in April and pick from your choice of several great Level 1 paper packets that you get for FREE!

Check out the CTMH Specials tab for more details and pictures!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring/Summer Projects!

It has taken me longer than usual to finally get the slideshow together of all the wonderful projects that my fellow CTMH sisters made using the new stamp sets and product. Unfortunately this only covers about 1/2 of the new stamp sets. We could only get about 35 consultant to join this swap and there are like 65 new stamp sets. This artwork is just beautiful!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Christmas in...March?

So I have two projects to show off in this post. All of these items are made using circles that were made with the 1 1/4 CTMH circle punch. With some creative folding you have a wreath and some flowers!

This is the last of the 5 cards I had to make for the contest I am entering. I had seen a wreath made like this somewhere before but could not find any examples. So I was on my own. Luckily I was feeling creative that day and I figured out how to fold the paper to make a wreath! I used Mistletoe paper packet and the 1 1/4 punch and punched out several circles and then folded them. It was kind of hard to keep the circle together so I glued the folded circles to a piece of card stock and then cut that out. It was either that or grow a few more fingers to help hold down all the paper and that wasn't happening! I wanted the card to look like a front door - does it? Anyway, so I used one of the embossing folders I have for my Cuttlebug to make it look like wood. I also made the base of my card a tri-fold again to give the effect of it being a wreath on a front door.

For the flowers I wanted to keep neutral spring colors so the Mayberry paper packet was perfect. The base of the flower was just made like the wreath - I punched several pieces of paper out of the B&T paper and then folded them to create the triangles. For the center of the flower I took some more circles, sprayed them with water and crumpled them up. Then I un-crumpled them, dried them and then stacked them. With my handy dandy pokey thing I poked a hole in the middle of all of them and them inserted a brad to hold them all together. Ain't it purty? And I should mention that you can use either side of your folded paper! I was originally just using the flat side but then I turned my flower around and loved how the other side looked where you could see the folds!

A few more of these and I will have a full bouquet!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Scrappin' I will go...

So this weekend I was working on a few cards that I am going to enter into a contest. I don't know if I will win but I had fun making these anyway!

This first one is using the new stamp set Trees & Things (D1467. I don't know how often I will use this one but it is just so cute, and that little wooden swing? Oh so cute! I also used an oldie but a goodie, Flower Pot (D1409) for the Thanks sentiment. I used Pear, Cocoa and New England Ivy as the ink colors. The paper packet was Miracle and I used the B&T and the bamboo cardstock from that packet. To top it off I used one of the new Kraft Color Ready Borders (already has adhesive on the back! Woohoo! No sticky fingers!)

For this one I used the stamp set Treasure Life (D1306) for the sentiment. I used the B&T and cardstock from Sophia paper packet. See that cute little flower? Made with circle punches from the B&T paper! Wet them, crumple them, uncrumple them and stick a brad through all of them! Voila! A cute flower! Then I used my new favorite embellies - the Kraft Color Ready borders with some cardstock under it!

I think I got this stamp set when there was some promotion going on. It is You're Great D1434. It isn't necessarily one I would use all the time as it seems kind of "childish" and I don't have many children to send silly cards to. Gotta love the cute little hippo! And I just had to put a birthday hat on him! I used the B&T paper and cardstock Fanfare as its primary colors just screamed birthday

And of course what would one of my posts be without something having to do with coffee? The stamp set is (gasp!) not CTMH. It is from My Favorite Stamps and is called Miss You a Latte. You will be thankful to know all other product IS CTMH. I used the B&T paper and cardstock from the new Mayberry paper packet. I also used the new Kraft cardstock. I love this paper and have been using contraband paper up until now. Imagine how thankful I was when the new Idea Book came out and CTMH now has Kraft cardstock! Yay!!

Not sure if I will win the prize but oh well! I had fun and am quite happy of my cards and that is all that matters. Though if I do win, I will not complain!