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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Holy Scrap Batman!!

So I recently swapped rooms with Shelby. She is now in my old craft room and I am in her old room. Oh how I love lavender walls with butterflies all over (input gagging sound here). Well in doing so I have also cleaned and got rid of stuff. It also helped that we had a garage sale this weekend so I had to go through my junk and widdle it down. Then Friday I went to the Ben Franklin in Monroe because they had a 9 pm to Midnight sale and had these paper storage cubes for over 50% off their regular price. So that meant more reorganizing today and I have a lot of scrap paper. No I am not talking about scrapbooking paper, I mean SCRAP paper. You know, the little bits of paper left over after all of your cutting and creating that you go "Hmm, better save this because I may want to use it again." Uh huh....

So here it scrap pile.

I have NO idea what I should do with this. Part of me does want to keep it as it could be useful but there is the other part of me that tells myself I have had this pile for a few years now and I have NEVER used the scraps. Oh, what do do. What to do.

So my question to all of you...what do you do with your scraps? Do you toss or keep them? Inquiring minds wanna know.