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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paper isn't just for scrapbook pages anymore...

So Shelby and I went to Ben Franklin on Presidents Day and darn them, they had some projects for the kids and one of them was making these cute little bottle cap necklaces. Well I just HAD to get some supplies so Shelby & I could make some at home.

These are SUPER easy. You just need the following supplies:
* Liquid Glass
* glue dots
* pretty paper
* bottle caps
* necklace chain (or ribbon, yarn, etc)
* metal ring
* small hole punch or a pokey thingy
* 1 in circle punch
* bling

So first you will take your pretty paper and using the 1 inch circle punch you will cut out a cirle. Using the glue dots you will adhere the circle inside the bottle cap. If you want to add bling (I added little flower gems) do that now. Once you have your bottle cap how you want it, you will squeeze liquid glass over the paper. You want just enough to cover the whole surface of the paper. On mine I did not put the liquid glass over the bling so that sticks out a bit above the rest.

Then once the liquid glass dries you can punch a hole in the bottle cap, insert the metal ring and attach the necklace part. And you are done!

I also made earrings and a ring. Only difference is that I glued the bottle caps using super glue to the ring base and the earrings back. I did not have a circle punch small enough so I just had to figure out the size and used a template to cut out my paper.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh I am a bad scrapbooker - it has been over 2 months without a post. But rest easy - here is a new card I made!

I did this for our club today. It is REALLY simple. I used paper from the new Sweethearts paper packet, the Petite Perks stamp set, and then using the new Kraft Color Ready Borders. What is great about these boards is that you can use them as they are, sponge them any color you want, run ribbon or paper through them, stamp on them or use them as a template to stamp a fun image on your paper! You get 50 borders in a pack with 2 of each design!