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Monday, March 29, 2010

The creative juices, they are a flowin'

So, I FINALLY got these stamps that I ordered from another company. I guess I probably should have known better huh? Don't get me wrong, the stamps are nice but it took over three weeks for me to receive the stamps! Granted once they were actually shipped out I got them in 2 days but took 3 weeks prior to that to process the order? Oh well....

Anyway, I have these stamps that follow the same type of theme - cocktails and coffee. So I thought how it would be so much fun to do a series of cards. Some day I would love to start a card making business and these are ideas I would have for some series of cards.

The first is the "Al-kee-hall" series. Now, so that you will not be ashamed of me, I did use CTMH paper, pens & stamp pad colors! I mean they are the BEST around so I had to use them. And even though CTMH stamps are the best too, sometimes they just don't have the images I am looking for. This one I used the Moon Doggie paper pack. I mean what else screams "Ice cold beverages!" better then some tropical, hawaiian themed paper?

This second series I call "Quad Espresso" and I used the Sarsaprilla paper packet which I think with its brown tones just fits the idea of coffee so well. These were really quite a bit of fun and I don't think I can part with them. :(

Both of the paper packets are still available so if you are looking at them and going "Ooh, I like those!" you can still order them!

In a few days it will be April and as you know, APril is my anniversary month with CTMH (4 years!) I have a lot of great ideas for celebrating and may be giving out a few clues as to what new product will be available May 1st!!

So check back soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I dusted off my tools...

...and look what I made!!

I just fell in love with this monkey stamp when my friend & I went on the Northwest Paperchase. I had just joined a swap where we were to make funny cards. Well I just love monkeys for some reason (I think it all started when we referred to my brother Mike as "Uncle Monkey")and when I saw this one and the sentiment I knew i had to have it. And let me tell you, even though I am a true CTMH stamp lover through and through, this brand comes in a close second. Though I don't like the fact that you cannot see through it like the clear ones! You can check them out here
I just may have to get more - and then I can go apes with coffee and monkey themed items!!

Speaking of the cool cling stamps, I also bought another on our paperchase that said "Thanks for your Support" which made me think of bra's which made me think of the new "Forever Young" Cricut cartridge I bought which has bra and undie die cut pattern! Bra's support you so voila! My second card!!

THis cartridge also makes cute purses so I am sure you will be seeing pictures of those one of these days!

Now, I know I have been a bit lacking in CTMH info. Well two WONDERFUL things are coming up. First, next month marks my 4 year anniversary with CTMH and it is going to be a month full of fun!! Tips, giveaways, etc! And second, I am SOOOO excited about the new Summer product that is coming out! I haven't received the new Idea Books yet but I did get some sneak peaks - think cherries, glitter, Disneyland....Oh I am going to go poor!! Like I haven't already!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going to the Chapel

So silly me - I volunteered to make the invites for my friends wedding! Luckily they are having just a small private ceremony and then a reception. So I only had to make 50 invites! And even though you think at first "Oh this is a simple design, it shouldn't take long" it seems to take longer! Yeah it is a simple design but times it by 50!!

But I had a great little helper! She colored a bit and helped me adhere the cards all together!

And the most fun...staging this photo!! I love my photobox (I have such a wonderful hubby!)

Now I do have to mention that this card is mostly non-CTMH product (I know, I know...shame on me!) but as I have mentioned many times, I am simply just not a CTMH Whore. Yes I prefer CTMH but I use other products as well, though I do have to mention that most of them don't stand up to the quality of CTMH!

Thanks for looking!